Pneumofore: Vane Vs Screw

Tech Animation Teaser | Pneumofore presents: a Lifecycle production - Vane vs Screw

Pneumofore Logo Animation

Pneumofore provides solutions for industrial vacuum and compressed air in applications around the world.

Founded in 1923, Pneumofore has over 90 years experience in research and development, production expertise, and international customer service. With a strong focus on the efficiency and high performance of its products, Pneumofore continues to set the standard for uncompromised quality in the field. A family-owned company, Pneumofore’s success spans three generations of engineers dedicated to one mission: to lead through constant improvement and innovation.
The word “Pneumofore” comes from Ancient Greek and means “One who brings air”. It also refers to a type of shellfish that can rise and sink by releasing air.
Our logo represents the rotary vane principle arranged as a “P”. It was created over 50 years ago.

PNEUMOFORE, Rotary Vane Technology (Since 1923) – presents:
VANE VS SCREW (episode 2)

Audiovisual type: Tech Animation Toons (© PNEUMOFORE)
Idea & Storyboard: L. Jamey; D. Hilfiker (Pneumofore S.p.A.)
Storytelling revision: S. Guerci (Flylab Creative Media)
Animation & Motion editing: I.D. Giurgiu (Flylab)
Sound design, Mix audio: M. Viale (Flylab Creative Media)
A.V. editing postprod: M. Viale (Flylab Creative Media)

Screen preview @HANNOVER MESSE Exhibition 2015: http://www.hannovermesse.de

Client:Pneumofore S.p.A.